ZigBee Scan channels - Confused >?

Is this the HUB > 20 -56 176 39AD 4034FE616B7A7FED
And the pic shows other stuff on 25 ?

I have 6 powered on Hubs in my home. Disabling Zigbee or ZWave does nothing to the radio. It is on 24x7. Disable 'jams a wedge' in the flow between the hub and the Z-radio SOC. It isn't likely to be active if Disabled. With no commands getting to the Radio, it's not going to 'burst into song' on a whim. However it is listening and if the protocol demands it respond to something received it can.

For that reason, not only do I Disable the Z-Radios I'm not using, I set their Zigbee channel to 26... something I can both remember and will never use myself. That means I have one that will show on Chan20 and five that potentially show on 26.


Also know that the info in the scan isn't always 100% reliable...I've had it tell me one of my hubs was one channel it was actually on another (verified in hub Zigbee settings). There seems to be some kind of caching issue...

The devices on 25 could be Hue, SmartThings, Home Assistant, some Alexa devices, and others.

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