Zigbee Routing Table Questions

On HE for almost 3 years now (Switched from ST) and love HE by the way. Up until recently, about 4-5 months, I never had any devices show up in routing table as a Child, EMBER_END_DEVICE. Then a couple showed up, then a few more, now this morning I show six. I have assumed, possibly mistakenly so, that this means they are talking directly to the hub. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I also noticed, which may or may not be any problem or even related to first question that a couple of my Zigbee Repeaters are routing to "themselves". Also, I have approximately 10-12 Zigbee repeaters in a fairly small house and I am not having any issues with my home automations. Any help understanding this better will be appreciated.

Everything looks fine to me. Even your router costs look good. 224 was released today also. Ember_end_device just means it's not a router.

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I do believe this is true. Hub locked up once and all the devices "panicked" and showed up as end devices. I seem to recall that repeaters reporting to themselves are actually also directly connected to hub.

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Off-topic, but: what humidifier do you have that can be controlled by Zigbee?

They are actually a smart outlets. Iris 3210's. Just have them named that because I use them for three humidifiers when the weather turns cold, otherwise they act as repeaters.

Deja vu all over again, lol....


of course, thanks!