Zigbee repeaters to improve mesh

Anyone have any experience with either of these as Zigbee repeaters? I need to strengthen my Zigbee mesh. There are so many out there. And, no, I don't want to drive to Ikea right now. TIA!

You can order online from Ikea of course... :wink:

Not sure the Sengleds repeat... might want to check into that before pulling the trigger. They do work with HE though.

Here's some Sonoff info:

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I am pretty sure the original “Square-style” Sengled Outlets are NOT Zigbee repeaters.

I have been very pleased with my older Centralite Zigbee outlets, which do work well as repeaters. However, the old models are no longer available. Here are the current Centralite Zigbee outlets. I am not sure if they are considered 'good' repeaters or not. I bought a few for my parent's house, but I have not yet installed them...


Read the entire thread. Should my takeaway be that the Sonoff is good or bad? Honestly couldn't tell.


Yeah I dunno either so would likely not buy those. I have had success with the centralites that @ogiewon mentioned.

I hear innr plugs work well too but have not used them..


If you want plugs that work really well as repeaters and are inexpensive, then eWeLink plugs are sold under a number of brand names on Amazon for as little as $15-20 for 2 plugs. They are zigbee 3.0.

Although they are rated at 10A, I don't use any load on them (or a very light load < 1A) just because ....

Here are a few:

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Let me squash any residual uncertainty :grin:

Sengled support confirmed they are not repeaters.


If you are prepared to consider dedicated USB zigbee repeaters, I find these Tuya repeaters (and the equivalent Ikea Tradfri zigbee repeater) to be excellent. They are also zigbee 3.0 products.


Interesting - I had a Centralite plug and it never routed anything through it. I replaced with Ikea ones those seem to work better.

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I've had a lot of luck with the SA-03 from Sonoff. They seem to have good range, repeat all my Zigbee devices (even Aqara Leak Sensors, I didn't try any of the other Aqara sensors...)

I purchased several lots of them direct, they do take 3-4 weeks to arrive but the price is right.

The small internal boxes they come in don't say Sonoff on them, but the external carton did.

They come up as:

  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
  • manufacturer: eWeLink
  • model: SA-003-Zigbee

Good luck!

i use these for my zigbee mesh. cheap and they are repeaters

Thanks for the helpful responses. I bought some of those cheap (CMARS) ones. Hopefully this will help. I appreciate the wisdom of the group.