Zigbee repeater Oddness

So, I am just wondering if anyone is knowledgeable about the differences between using tradfri plugs vs Samsung plugs for zigbee repeaters? The reason I ask is it does not seem to matter how many tradfri's I put out, the outer areas zigbee devices fail a lot. I just put one samsung plug in the same place and now every device is happy. I like that the tradfri's are cheaper, but if they don't work, ity is a waste of money.

A related question: If I decide to use the trasdfri's as plugs, will they interfere with the good work the samsung plugs are doing?

Yes they are great for very short distances, but they are weak, but work well.

Not necessarily. Zigbee has it's own routing logic which THEORETICALLY avoid the worst performing routers, assuming you have the right balance of end devices and routers

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