Zigbee remove spam

This is a new thing that when you remove a zigbee device we always get this now.

What model/make is this device?

Doesn't matter they all do the same.

This is a Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-C4

I don't observe so many 'successfully excluded' messages ...

This is what I see when excluding an Aqara Smoke Detector :

The info log appears only twice.


I only have powered devices basically but it like this with every device i have excluded recently.

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I just removed a contact sensor (via Remove button on its Device page), and had zero entries in the logs from it. Are you doing that, or reset on the device?

Yes from device page.

Like I said it's a powered device though so I would not be surprised that battery devices do different things.

Excluding a Frient plug resulted in multipe info messages ...

Not really a problem for me; this is something that the HE hub handles easily and lasts only 500 milliseconds.


O yeah I never said it caused a issue, it's just not sure why it's started doing it. Could confuse people mostly


You're on, right?

Odd that I get zero entries on my removal of the contact sensor.

I have some Zigbee plugs that I can remove later tonight when I have more time to see if I see any reporting (normal or otherwise) when they are removed.

I rarely look in logs for exclude info, and when I do it's almost exclusively for Z-Wave devices. @kkossev - is it odd that I'm not getting any log entries on removing an Aqara contact sensor?

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yes C8