Zigbee Reliability - Sudden Issues

A series of zigbee temperature/humidity sensors along with my centrallite zigbee thermostat has been working great for months. Extremely reliably.

Yesterday, they suddenly stopped talking to the Hubitat. Removing their batteries has helped for a few hours. But after a day, they stop talking to Hubitat.

I have tried changing the zigbee channel from 20 to 15. But no luck.

This is quite frustrating. Any fixes?

Brand and model number? How many repeaters do you have in your zigbee mesh? And which model Hubitat?

My few problems improved when I altered the signal strength. With Hue, Starling, and eufy bridges within an Asus AiMesh household, my Hubitat C8 came set at a power of 16 by default. Lowering it to 12 made my system more stable. Haven't had a need to test lowering it further.

I know there no one remotely nearby my home, which could introduce signal/broadcast conflicts. If I had neighbors close enough, that could throw add'l potential causes into the pot. I'm just trying to appreciate why your issue is sudden. . . anyways, try altering your Zigbee power, see what that does for you.


So I have thirdreality motion sensor (x3), sonoff temperature/humidity sensor (x5), and a centralite thermostat (x1), and plugs (x2). No repeaters. I have a C7

How do I adjust Zigbee power?

You need repeaters. The recommended ratio is one repeater for 4-5 battery-powered devices.

Not possible on the C-7.

Odd - So it was extremely reliable for about a year. I then added to more sonoff themorstats - then all of a sudden all my zigbee devices stopped talking to the hubitat? Is that usually how a lack of repeaters manifests?

Yes. Using any zigbee coordinator, not just Hubitat.


So can you clarify something for me? I googled Zigbee Repeater, and I do have two of those zigbee plugs. Like these:


Do those count as repeaters? I've had those for roughly the last year as well. Those all of a sudden aren't talking to the Hubitat.

Yes, those Innr SP 224 plugs are Zigbee repeaters. I have 2 of them and they work pretty well on my mesh as repeaters. If they stopped talking to Hubitat, the first thing I would try is to unplug and then plug them in again.

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You added 2 Sonoff temp/humidity sensors, and then the previously reliable mesh went to crap?
Nothing else changed?
I don't know, but can't those things get chatty?
I like those sensors as the perps.

Perhaps @kkossev could chime in?

Why not remove them, get the other stuff up and running, power cycling the plugs.
The thermostat is battery powered?

Maybe one of the repeaters crapped out and threw the mesh for a loop.

I know my 3rd Reality temp/humidity sensor wouldn't connect to the hub when I removed a repeater plug. I had to bring it upstairs and re-pair, or maybe just pushed the button on it, or maybe just nothing, I forget.

Does C7 do the graph? If so http://your-hub's-ip/hub/zigbeeGraph , a link on the Zigbee Details page.

Maybe some of the other tools on the Zigbee Details page could help, if available on C7. You could see when they last communicated with the hub, if and when they drop. Starting up the zigbee log could get you signal strengths.

I don't think that adding 2 Sonoff TH sensors can destabilize a Zigbee network.
I was about to say that a new WiFi interference may be the reason for the sudden drop in connectivity reliability, but the OP has already tried changing the Zigbee channel.

No responses registered in the live logs for the Sonoff TH sensor is normal - this is a deep-sleeping Zigbee device, and it does not respond to configure/update commands except when it wakes up, sending a temperature or humidity reading update.


In the past, I have seen the Sonoff Temp/Humidity sensors create mesh problems. Some sort of error during the joining process will identify them as routing devices, which they are not, and the mesh becomes unstable before they eventually stop communicating.

Check the zigbee routing table, xxx.xxx.x.x/hub/zigbee/getChildandRouteInfo, and make sure they are not in the neighbor table. If they are, delete and re-pair them.


They'd show up as blue bubbles in the graph too, right?

I don't know. Graphing is completely useless for my setup.

Are you on a C5; is that why?
The OP is on a C7, so maybe for him, I don't know.

No, my main zigbee hub is a C-8. Anything more than one hop away gets lumped in as a directly connected device.


Agreed. The information from which that graph is made permits the creation of a pretty picture, but it has limited utility. There's much more to be gained by using an Xbee3 while setting up a zigbee mesh.


Could you help me get to this zigbee routing table?

I tried mimicking the URL you provided, however, my numbers seem to have the following format:
xxx.xxx.x.xxx (as in the last digit has three values vs the two in yours)

Thanks in advance.