Zigbee Radio On/Off

Hoping someone can help explain..

Was looking at my Logs on HE and noticed that I'm receiving sporadic "Zigbee Radio on" and "Zigbee Radio off" events captured in the Location Events tab.

The Duration between Off and On is about 6-8 minutes..

Is this normal.. is the system perhaps just doing a cleanup or something ?

Generally a sign that your hub is experiencing a high load; first thing it does is shut down the zigbee radio.

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yikes good to know.. luckily i bought another HE - so maybe i can offload to it.. Thank you for this ..

You may want to ask @bobbyD or @gopher.ny to take a look at the engineering logs to see if they see anything abnormal, sometimes just a device going bad is enough to throw everything off.

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Doesn't sounds normal... can you PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs, maybe there are clues there.


just did - see inbox.. thx