Zigbee problems - an idea to help/check

As a sort of test - I wondered about trying to have a zingle router connected to my Hub. then all my other routers connect to it. So I placed a Seedan router plug in the center of my office and buried the c7 right next to it with foil around it.
The result looks like this: (and my hub has been solid now for 3 days!)
(c is coordinator or hub. R (green) is my seedan 3" away. all the other routers are 10 - 60 feet away.

I don't believe C-7s have had the issues the C-8 has.

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If you reduce the power level of the C8 to 8 (which is the same as the C7 hub), you might reduce some of your mesh issues. at higher power levels, devices are attempting to connect directly to the hub rather than through repeaters.

@FriedCheese2006 the thread is about zigbee issues - I don't see any reference to the c8. While c8's are surely having unsolved issues, all the 'tweaking' has messed the c7's too IMHO.

My network diagrams on XCTU show bizarre layouts, devices missing - all kinds of horror. RIght now, I'm just limping through until someone smarter gets lucky and inadvertently fixes my problems. I've crashed at least... hmm. honestly, 20 times in the last 6 weeks, lost multiple batteries (that weren't scheduled for replacement for a year or more), had devices that were rock solid since I built the network go complete haywire, drop, trouble with reconnects, DNS issues that affected my c7 (with all the 'but only c8's' which is obviously not true) - it has been a really painful couple months since c8's came out and all my issues kicked in. So. Not just c8's. no. and if thats all thats being debugged - that may be part of the issue right there.

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Interesting. I should have said that I don't recall seeing as many issues posted about with the C-7 as the C-8.

THIS ↑↑↑ is why I haven't updated since and I'm holding steady and don't see any reason to "tweak it until it breaks"
My dev C7 is on the but it only has 1 Zigbee device, which of course fell off after being solid for 6 months


Same here. on my C7. I never update major versions until the releases (bugfixes) settle down to less than one per week. And with all the C8 issues tied into 2.3.5, I've still not taken the plunge. If I were the OP, I'd try to roll back to 2.3.4.XXX.

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In fairness to the C7 - I recognize I generally post negative - my current state tho is a solid unit. Over the last few months my horrors have gone away. The initial problems have been resolved. I believe I had problems related to an induced problem by the rollout of the c8 - DHCP being incorrectly handled at the hub. That was identified and resolved some time ago.
During that time, I felt in my mind my crashes were related to the issues others were experiencing with antennae and gain issues and I got caught up in the hubub. I only recently understood I had other issues - self inflicted - related to an app I had installed with zigbee devices having their own issues. (3rd reality power reporting). Once I cleaned my hub of unused apps, removing apps not necessary, or disabling apps that weren't truly necessary, I began disabling apps and logging data only to find that that data also was flawed. Ultimately, after what was probably a n 8 week ordeal, I've become rock solid - more solid than I have ever been in my years of using an HE device. I am now counting into the weeks of no failure - not days or hours as I was.
So - my summation is - save your backups and tear apart your hub (configuration) and go back to the old science methods of divide and conquer - it is what led me to my new found stability.


This is almost always the lowest hanging fruit to go after first. Custom driver or app code that you install on your hub can have unpredictable effects.