Zigbee power usage reporting


I have a Samsung outlet plug. I would like to monitor power usage of my CPAP. Then I can have my motion sensor do different things when I'm sleeping or should be sleeping. Like turn on the lighting under the bed so I can get up to pee in the middle of the night.

So, how often does the device report usage? Is it a configurable register in the device? Or is it on change more then .x watts?


I believe it changes more then x watts


Oh I take that setting as minimum wattage to trigger on.


Drrrr. I'm embarrassed. Wrong plug :joy:. No wonder it looked not to change when I turn CPAP on/off/on.

Sends allot of updates. Leads me to my next question. Can the device be configured to send only every ten seconds.. :grin:


Nop, but you can set a rule if more than x watts and light is off and motion active then turn on the light.