ZigBee Power Strip

Browsing Amazon and discovered this rare ZigBee power strip is available again. There seems to be a few types. I've got 2 of the the double bank ones and they work well. The USB ports are all tied together unfortunately. Anyways here's a screen of how it sets up.

F Power Strip US (ZigBee22) https://a.co/d/0YBmKT2

There's a prior thread describing serious safety concerns with these and documenting how poorly they're made. I think @csteele had posted photos of one taken apart.

Found the thread ... also a "Jinvoo" product. Fake CE mark, fake ETL certification. Caveat emptor.


Oh geez, figures. Well at least Kasa so I'll has a wifi one that works.

I don't know about the one you linked, but with any of these I would never plug in anything beyond a few amps. A lamp, fan, some LEDS. That's what I have and it's been sitting next to my desk for the last 6 months, no issues to report. Would I plug my hammer drill or compressor into one of these-Never ever. For light loads I think it's okay. Prior I had the Zooz Z-wave versions-2 of them, both went bad with relays clicking on/off extremely rapidly..and that's over 150.00 wasted and a fire hazard, those relays open/closing non-stop would likely overheat. Mine has stayed solid on the zigbee mesh and doesn't get hot at all. Unfortunately we don't have many choices when it comes to Zigbee or Z-wave powerstrips, especially now.
And as far as being ":chinese made" please go look at almost any electrical device in your home...try to find one that doesn't say "Made in China". The price to me seems reasonable, especially when components are bought in bulk. And remember businesses in China can be government subsidized, further helping with costs.
For serious loads I use 2 Zooz Power Switches ZEN15 and they work excellent

I would love to find legitimately designed and safe zigbee power bars so I could have less on my wi-fi network, but the Kasa wi-fi ones work very well for me.

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