Zigbee power monitoring plugs available in Canada - 15 amps


Looking for a zigbee power monitoring plug available in Canada to use on my washing machine. Found the Zooz ZEN15 but that's z-wave, and I would prefer zigbee if possible. The rest of my devices are zigbee, and last time I tried to pair a z-wave item it wouldn't connect (unsure if it was user error, or the product itself wasn't very good, but the hubitat wouldn't find it, and I'd rather avoid that again if I can.

Anyway, any recommendations are welcome

Sengled makes some very good 15 Amp outlets, Check either the circuit breaker is 15 Amp or the washer is less than 15 Amp. It would be surprising if this was not true. Your issue is is the harsh radio environment behind a metal washer. Zigbee or Zwave will probably struggle. All you can do is try. Many, including myself, have got it to work.

I have used a Samsung SmartThings zigbee outlet for the last 5 years with my Whirlpool HE washer. It has worked fine to monitor the washing machine. Here are the details of the outlet.

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 8.18.23 AM

Sengled (as far as I could tell) didn’t monitor power - only turned the plug on and off. I need power monitoring. But I’ll look into it, possible I missed something.

No, it’s not. Because the z-wave item I tried to install was a light switch, and that experience turned me off z-wave for the washer. (Plus the plug is not being the washer, it’s a foot or 2 above it so clear from being blocked by the metal I imagine)

I thought it was only rated to 12 amps. I’ll have to look into it, I do have some lying around, was just terrified of overloading them. Maybe I’m misremembering

The new ones do monitor power.


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Another option is an iotawatt. I use this on my washer and dryer (as well as water heaters, whole house and some other circuits). Can also graph.


Maybe so. But it has handled my HE washer just fine for years ago. FWIW, the max surge I measured several years ago was about 8-9 amps.

Edit: Just checked, it’s 15A. With a 15A fuse.

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Note: With @ogiewon 's driver, it's 100% local...no cloud.

Well that is great, my assumption. Singled makes so many models, mines is the same as

But only one available in Canada, and it doesn’t power monitor. Oh well, I’ll try my SmartThings ones

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If you have the same SmartThings ones that I do, they’ll be fine. They’re rated at 15A. And at least my Whirlpool HE washer hasn’t caused any issues that have stopped the plug from working.

I don’t. Mine do say rated at 15 amps, but they don’t have a fuse. (At least externally accessible)

I was also able to find the ratings for my washer (took a while) and it says it requires 5 amps so I should be good.

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Must be some old stock, all the ones I've gotten lately are this model c/w power:

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