Zigbee plug with power reporting

I'm looking for replacements for some Peanut plugs, and really want power reporting (in the 1-10 watt range). I just got two Innr plugs, only to find that none of the drivers I can find seem to report power for them. I tried the Iris driver from @srwhite, but that didn't help.

Am I out of luck with these plugs? Are there any other suggestions?

I have some of these:
I'm happy with them and they use the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. They will report power in a variety of increments including 1 Watt.

Thanks. I might have to go that route. Too bad they are 2x the price of the Innr, and neither of those handle the 15A the Peanut is rated for. But yeah, that might be what it comes down to.

Yeah, I would be happier if they'd handle 15A too but I've only needed that in 1 location and the 12A is more than enough for most uses.

I actually need 18A in that one location and I've not found any 20A plugs of the plug-in variety. Receptacles, yes, but that's not what I want.

Do post back here if you find either, please.

i use 2x Zooz Power Switch ZEN 15 Z-Wave Plus. I know you want Zigbee but they can do 15 amp, support motor, pump, report change of 1 watt if you want and it's adjustable. Report Voltage, Amp, Watts, Energy, log min and max for each.
I highly recommend them. Built in driver in Hubitat

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I have been pretty happy with my zooz switches. I was looking for zigbee just to have them as repeaters for my leak and motion sensors. But if I decide I really need the power reporting, I may have to go zwave. I'll check that one out, thanks.

For Zigbee only, you know that you can monitor if your device connect directly to your hub or if the device use a repeater with this url : http://ipOfyourHub/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo
Child Data are direct connection
Neighbor Table Entry are repeater
Route Table Entry are Device and the repeater it use

an other URL that can help you is http://ipOfYourHub/hub/zigbeeLogs
lastHopRssi is the power at which the communication happen -26 is better than -79.

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