Zigbee Plug not showing up


I have added an INNR Zigbee Smart Plug (US) and it was successfully paired with my C8. It shows up in the web interface. However when I open the iOS app to control it, it does not show up there. How can I fix this?


On the device page or did you create a dashboard? If a dashboard, then your saying the dashboard does not show in the app? How about on the lights and switches tab of the app?

This issue keeps getting more strange. Now in the iOS app, it shows multiple instances of the only room I created (downstairs) and multiple instances of "no room assigned". Also, why can't I attach screenshots???

It's a spam/bot mitigation thing for new accounts. Join "Owner" as your Primary Group, and you'll then be able to post screenshots. That can be done from the Preferences section of your profile here in the community.

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