Zigbee Plug-in dimmer wanted

Hi all

Does anyone know of a zigbee plug in dimmer in a form factor like this:

I can find various Z-wave models, but i don't see any Zigbee versions.. :thinking:

I live in Denmark so specs must be 230V/50Hz

// Kenneth

I don't know of any however I suggest you might look at the Zigbee Alliance website. They list all the certified devices by category.

This device has been tested and works with Hubitat

I'm not aware of any plugin dimmers, though it would be fairly simple to cut an extension cord in half and use an inline zigbee dimmer.

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Thanks for the inputs..!

I've all ready have smart plugs installed (i use the Ikea's) but i'm looking for a dimmer this time, and i have seen dimmers in this form factor, but not with Zigbee..

An inline dimmer sounds like an acceptable (wife) solution - any recommendations..? :slight_smile:

// Kenneth

Something like this:

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Thanks @mike.maxwell
I'll try and hunt one down.. :+1:

If you cannot find the one indicated by @mike.maxwell, I know these work with Hubitat using the generic zigbee bulb driver.