Zigbee pairing bug?

There might be some type of Zigbee pairing issue. I'm running firmware, but this may be a bug that's been around for a while, as I had issues pairing devices before.

I've got a bunch of Xiaomi Zigbee devices that I'm pairing and at some point, the hub stops pairing them. I reset the Zigbee and I'm able to pair devices again. I've done this a few times now, but at some point, I cannot pair the rest of my devices without resetting the radio again.

I know Xiaomi devices are not standard Zigbee protocol, but I do not have this pairing issue with my ST hub. I can re-pair any Xiaomi device at any time.

Could I be running into a device count limit? I've got 20 paired, after which, I can't pair anymore. It's not definitive, but if I have paired a device with the hub before, it'll pair again if I have less than 20 devices paired. But once I have 20 other devices paired and I try to pair that same device again, it will not pair.

Is there any type of debugging information that can sent to have someone look into this? It's stopping me from pairing all of my devices.

Do you have any repeaters deployed? The hub can support 20 directly, just wondering.
Also what other zigbee devices do you have running already?

No repeaters. They have not worked well for me with Xiaomi devices.

Currently, I only have Xiaomi ZigBee devices attached, besides my Z-Wave+ devices.

We're going to test bumping the hubs directed count from 20 to 32, should that pass muster it will be in the next release. In the mean time unless you deploy some repeaters you're going to be stuck with the 20 limit.

Folks seem to be having luck using the xbee module as a repeater with these, yrmv but if I was interested in these devices, that's what I would look into.

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I've also been having good luck with the sylvania plugs as repeaters. Search on the forums and you will find the exact model numbers. I have about 50 xiaomi devices deployed and no drop offs since adding them into the mix.

Thanks for the info. Unless the bump up is going to be a while, I can wait. I tried one of the Sylvania plugs, but I know there's two models. Haven't tried that model. Was looking at XBee module as well, but I'm not in any hurry to use a jerry-rigged setup right now.

LOL... but you are willing to use non Zigbee-HA compliant Xiaomi devices? :wink:


It is non-compliant, but doesn't mean it doesn't work. :slight_smile:

Have only Xiaomi Zigbee devices on both my ST and Hubitat hubs with no issues except the limitations of the hub's total count. At some point, I'll have to look into working repeaters, though (either Xbee or if I can order the right Sylvania plug).

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Where did you buy the Sylvania plug? I ordered from Amazon and it was the A variant.

Picked it up at a local store called Canadian Tire (not sure where you are located). This way I was able to verify the model number before buying it. I didn't want to order it from amazon and get the wrong one.

I'm in US, so I guess I could try local electronics store. Yeah, I ordered twice from Amazon and both were the A variant, so don't want to try from there again.

They don't work reliably, just look at the number of threads and posts dedicated to trying to make them stay connected. Don't get me wrong, I wish they did work properly, but they do not.
My time is way more valuable than the 10s of dollars I might save by using these.

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Regardless of whether you use any Xiaomi Zigbee devices or not, the use of an XBee module as a router (repeater) is anything but jerry-rigged.

It may seem they don't have a secondary functionality, but they do: direct access to viewing how your Zigbee mesh network is routing using the free XCTU software.


Where is the best price on the dongle and Zigbee module together? Or has everyone just bought them separately, and if so, from what two sellers?

Got everything from mouser.ca. But you won't like the shipping costs... it's a little confusing too as to what exactly to get so I think mine was a little more than the others.

When you have and opportunity, could you please post some model numbers to buy, so I don't have to wade through a stream of confusion? :grin:

This is exactly what I got.. also I saw somebody recently posted in the other xiaomi thread their exact stuff too so you might want to look at that as well. The board and the chip just snap together, the antenna screws on and that it.




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Thanks. I have an antenna I can use. I usually order from Digikey.ca and their price is $1.43 more than Mouser, but shipping is just $8.00.

  1. do these have a power led on them?
  2. does it come with an usb cable?
  3. which way does the xbee mount on these? antenna facing the same direction as the USB or away from it?

thank you.