Zigbee packet life

I've been looking a lot at Zigbee traffic lately, one thing I can't find in the specs I've read so far, I've probably just not found the right document, is how long packets stay on the mesh while waiting to be delivered to sleepy end devices? I've seen commands sent 10 minutes ago being delivered once the device checks in, but I also think I've seen them discarded long before that?

What does the specifications say? Is it up to the repeater implementation? So some may discard it when they run out of buffer space since they don't have much of a buffer, for example?

If I recall it's something like 7.4 seconds max for zha, after that you give up.
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Thank you, 7.68 seconds maximum for short poll intervall, I had just not looked for the right terms in the right place :slight_smile: