ZigBee Outdoor Plug

Has anyone seen or are using the following outdoor plug?

It's a ZigBee plug.


It's not released/available yet.

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Got'cha. This is kind of a game changer, at least for me.

I could start pulling all my z-wave devices and selling them. I rather stick to Zigbee. Seems to be much much faster and more reliable for my setup.

It may be for sale soon, since they have a zigbee 3.0 dual outlet smart plug in stock on Jasco's website.

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What's the driver for this Jasco's dual outlet ? Can control each outlet ? Thanks.

Not individually controlled. Both or none.


I do not know for sure, but by I gather by reading that website that the outlets are both switched at the same time. The instruction manuals don't clearly say either way.

Dual outlets – Two grounded outlets are controlled remotely for enhanced home automation. Simultaneous operation allows powering or scheduling multiple devices at once.

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Jason is right. Both outlets are under the same control. I looked it up earlier because I wondered that as well.