Zigbee or zwave 12/24v outdoor battery operated switch

Anyone know of one? I'm trying to possibly control a 4 inline dc irrigation valves? Or should I be going about this another way?

This is Zigbee comes in 1, 2, and 4 relay versions...it works with HE (search MHCOZY on the forums) and it could operate irrigation valves...runs off 7-32V AC or DC so you can run it off the 12/24V that would be powering your devices. If you are wanting battery to be able to put something remote from the house like in an individual valve box for your irrigation, that's probably a lot more difficult. Battery-powered devices make poor "receivers" (meaning they get a signal from elsewhere and would be expected to react quickly) because to do so means they're always active and draining the battery super fast...they're better as "senders" like with sensors where they wake up, send a measurement, and mostly go back to sleep.

For ZWave, you can also use Zooz Zen16 for 3 outputs. It also runs off 12/24V AC or DC power.


@dbennett3321 Or you can just get a Rachio 3 controller. Directly integrates with Hubitat. Less hassle then building out from relays.

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