Zigbee or Z-wave reset buttons now hidden. why?

I see in platform version 2.3.7 that the zwave and zigbee buttons are hidden:

  • Hid Reset buttons on Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Matter info pages.

Is there a reason for this?

I'm looking to completely reset my C7 hub to give to someone else sop wanted to go through the usual clear down process. Can I still reset the radios?


My guess - because people used the buttons too often when it wasn't needed, and then caused issues with support/asking for help.

Msg or email support (@bobbyD or @gopher.ny or @support_team ), and I'm sure they will give you a way to do what you are needing to do via email or PM. They have done so for others since making that change.

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Thanks Jason.

I guess so. But at the same they've included a 'rebuild database' on the usually benign reboot button. I wonder how many additional (unnecessary) support calls that will cause (by us less capable folk). The first thing I wanted to do today when I went to reboot was tick that box - took every fibre I had to find out what it did first :wink:

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Well, a DB rebuild "should" always be safe, whereas the radio reset button permanently wipes out the config. Not sure that is quite the same thing.

All that said, I hope support gets you the info you need quickly. :slight_smile:


As noted by Jason, this is a very safe thing to do, hence why it is exposed in the wild to everyone. Should never cause a problem, and might help resolve some problems.

But I am still impressed by this, being an inveterate tweaker/breaker myself. :wink:

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Apologies for changing the nature of this thread - and I'd still very much like to know the answer to how I now reset the zigbee / zwave radios if Support are monitoring. Just bought my second C8 and I need to flog my C7 to help pay for it (and all my new Matter devices) :wink:

However on the topic of the rebuild database in the dedicated thread on the topic there was a warning that there could be a chance of corruption should there be any power related issues during reboot, and being the risk adverse person I am it did worry me into not trying it. But my real question is/was (and perhaps I should have asked it there) why would one ever need to do/use this option? What is the use case? What type of problems would this operation likely solve? Been using Hubitat for 5 years and not run into this need (or maybe I have and just didn't realise it). Resetting the radios however...

Any time there is an unexplained issue one of the first suggestions is to do a backup/soft reset/restore, to rule out any database issues. The rebuild does the same thing in one click and is much less scary for a new user.

To reset the radio you can either roll back to 2.3.6 or I will also PM you how to do a full reset.

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These buttons were removed because there are only very limited circumstances where this is the right thing today, but a red button begs to be pushed by those who don't really know what they are doing. I'd go so far as to say there are no circumstances where this would be the right thing to do to cure Zigbee problems.

The ability to reset the radios will be added to the Diagnostic Tool.


@bravenel The one (and maybe only) use case it actually makes sense for, in my opinion.

Unsolicited opinion - putting it in the diag tool UI makes a lot of sense (with appropriate warnings, of course).


I get that. There is a conflict between protecting uninformed users from themselves and exposing dangerous features for general use.


FWIW putting this feature in the diag tool would make most sense. I'd been using the platform for ages before I needed to use or even knew about the diag tool. Or just create a single factory reset option which does everything in the diag tool - even better IMO.

Thanks everyone for your help. Happy New Year all.


I tried accessing in the reset Zigbee radio option in the Diagnostic Menu, after reading this thread, but can't see the option in there. It's not ideal moving options from one area to another (sign-posting following removal would be wise). It's frankly moronic though, to remove the option and not bother providing access elsewhere! This decreases user confidence that hub updates are well-thought-out and should therefore be installed. FWIW, I had to roll-back to a previous version, just to access this much-needed feature.