Zigbee or Z-wave Pressure sensor?

Can anyone recommend a Zigbee or Z-wave Pressure sensor?

My use case is that I want lights to turn on/off when someone is sitting on the couch? Motion sensors aren't cutting it since my kid sits too still reading books.

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I don't know of a ready-made zigbee or z-wave device that'll do this. However, you can make one with a pressure mat and a contact sensor that has external contacts.

This link will help:


There is a setup using Hubduino as well.


Great problem to have :+1: :smile:


I do not use this myself but his app has a feature for that. "Engaged is when you stay in a room for an extended period of time and may be motionless for some or all of the time."

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This may not solve your problem but I have had good results so far with the motion zone app. For example, I placed an Iris motion sensor in each corner and set them up as a motion zone. I then setup two zones each using all four sensors. One of them is set to 5 seconds and the other is set to 10 minutes.

I then use them for triggers based on the current mode. So if the mode is night they use the 10 minute timeout but if the mode is bedtime then it is 5 seconds. The idea is that anybody in the living room during bedtime is likely just passing through. The light levels are also adjusted based on mode.

Like I said, this might not work for you 100% but so far I have been happy with it. You could even crank up the threshold to 20 or 30 minutes for an added buffer. The Iris sensors are quite sensitive and it doesn't take much to trigger an interval refresh.

Along those lines you could add a button that can be pressed. Say your normal threshold is 10 minutes but when you press the button it uses a 30 minute threshold for the next four hours.

Just a thought. Regardless you now have me thinking about how I might use a pressure sensor. :wink:

I could never get this to work. The chime always worked fine but the pressure mat never triggers the contact. I purchased the exact same parts in the instructable.

Do you have any examples of common or cheap contact sensors that meet this condition?

I use GoControl wadwaz-1 contact sensors. But there are also others.

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Looks like the GoControl WADWAZ-1 aren't easily available anymore (or are crazy expensive). These Ecolink contact sensors also have terminals to connect external dry contact sensors to. They're also z-wave+!


Car seat pressure sensors go for under 10 bucks. I'm considering trying this

You might try an Aqara motion sensor under the cushion. (bacon sensor) They are extremely sensitive and inexpensive.