Zigbee or Z-wave Air Conditioner IR controller

Hi to everyone

I'm Stefano from Panama.

A question.

How can I control a air conditioner by a zigbee, o better z-wave, IR controller?

Is there a compatible device that I can buy?

Thank you for help.

Hey......... my english is basic!

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The ZXT-120 and ZXT-600 z-wave devices by Remotec are compatible with Hubitat.

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What z-wave frequency is used there? If it is 908.42 MHz, then the products suggested by @marktheknife will work well.

A few years ago I tried finding the ZXT-120 at 868 Mhz for the Philippines, and didn't find one very easily.

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It's the same frequency used in USA.

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thank to everyone for help

Compatible yes, but they are also complete garbage IME.

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Second your opinion this product is not a good product, do you mean?

Because radio frequency transmission does not stop at national borders, all such transmissions are coordinated through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). However, individual countries have their own specific regulations and frequency allocations within the ITU guidelines.

The ITU divides the world into three overall regions.
Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the areas formerly part of the USSR, Mongolia and portions of the Middle East, including Iran.

Region 2 includes North and South America, Greenland and some of the Eastern Pacific islands.

Region 3 includes Southeast Asia (including China), Australia, New Zeeland, and most of Oceana.

Within a specific region, the radio frequency allocation is usually similar. Since Panama is in the same region as the USA, the Z-wave frequency is the same. Since the Phillipines are part of Oceana, it is in Region 3 and has a different frequency allocation from Region 2. Likewise Regions 2 countries like Europe have their own frequency.

Z-wave operates in the part of the frequency spectrum allocated for ISM: Industrial, Scientific and Medical communications.

There aren’t a ton of options when one is looking for a z-wave or zigbee to IR bridge for an air conditioner.

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I used a ZXT-120 for ~5 years. Worked pretty well.


Ttue, but with a number of exception countries that do their 'own thing' as approved ISM exceptions to the region they are in, like Israel, Australia, or China + South Africa using the same frequency even though they are in different regions, etc.

Other than all the region differences and exceptions, it is super consistent. :wink:

Same here. I have 2 that work exactly as expected.

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It behaves very oddly (eg resets fan speed and swing every time you change temp set-points) and has very limited config options so you cant prevent the aforementioned odd behaviour.

Tell me about it! I'm currently using a Sensibo Sky2 which has it's own issues (the HE driver is the cause), but my preference would be to use my Honeywell D6 pro, however it isnt supported by HE.

Maybe it's a Daikin Compatibility issue for me, but I just can't recommend the ZXT-600 based on my experience with it on 3 different hubs (Vera, HE & ST).

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My split systems are also Daikin, but am using the ZXT-120 model. Its interesting that the ZXT-600 is listed on the compatibility chart but not the ZXT-120.

you could try the broadlink. Either RM-Mini3 or PM-Pro. It uses wifi but there is an app to integrate to HE or even home assistant, if you use home assistant

Is your device a Daikin by any chance?

No, it's Lennox

Have you a suggestion for a better one? I am seeking smart home control via Hubitat for a Daikin mini split in my sun room.