Zigbee Offline (tenancious)

So my worst fear is happening.
My hub is being a dick.
It started with all my window and garden sensors being reported AWOL. Then OK... Then gone. (By device watchdog)
Then my alarms started going off. Randomly. Mode being set to away. Arlo armed, Syn armed and then not. crazy.

So I cold booted the box and removed both USB's (EU model) and all was ok for ~ 3 days.

Watching a film just now - All Keys have left the premises - Motion detected - lights on and alarm. I AM JUST HERE.

Boot the hub and all settled.

Basically - The Zigbee network goes offline.

So.... Advice ? Grr so sad. was stable for so long :frowning:

It would help if you shared what your zigbee arsenal consists of. Don't leave anything out. There are known issues with certain "things" and it would be beneficial to know what you've got connected. and any additional hubs as well.


One of the first things that happen when a hub gets either overloaded or too hot is that the zigbee goes offline.
If you use ST presence sensors then these will go ‘not present’ (because the hub can’t see them) if the zigbee goes offline

If you hub has been fine up to now then the first question I would ask is what has changed?
Have you installed a new app or device or driver recently?

The device doesn’t need to have been a zigbee device. Even a z-wave device and driver could cause a hub problem



Well as I said - it's not the devices. It's the fact that the zig network goes offline! (Have switched with Zwave dongle and ok for ~72 hours)

I have mostly generic Zig motion / sensors - presence is SmartT - which are the things activating the alarm ( Since Zigbee sensors are all exterior / outdoor ) Arlo is activated when away as are a few other things.

But it has nothing to do with the sensors (Unless a massive bug) the hub is just losing zig. after 2 minutes the house is on away mode.

If I am quick enough - the hub says 'Zigbee offline'

If I unplug it all for 10 minutes. it's fine for another 2-3 days.

Hub is still finding ideal position, so 'dangling, shall we say. Never above 20C - never moved

(Ok Lazy - it's been there for a year or so - only had issues 8 weeks ago or so)

As I said, this will make your st presence sensors ‘not present’ which would make your hub go into away mode etc.

So, you have established that the zigbee IS going offline, and if the hub is not overheating then I would repeat my other question.
What has changed since the hub was working correctly?

Is there a way of initiating debug log into system logging?
Just whilst being here in what - 30 minutes. I have left and returned 4 times

Software updates are the only thing that has changed.

No new apps/drivers or additional devices?

There are some zigbee devices that are known to pull the whole zigbee network down.
This is why @april.brandt asked you about your devices.

Nope. It has been my rock for ~6 months.
I have re-added various devices (including my key fobs ) motion sensors etc thinking they were knackerd. Like I say - just turned out the radio was down - thanks to a random refresh. Now I have seen it a dozen times when things go pear shaped
But I can't find a log for for that.

Is it a case of too many standards ? I don't know who made most of these things

You won’t find a log for the zigbee stick as there isn’t one.

Support do have access to an internal ‘error’ log (which users do not have access to) which may give them an idea on what is wrong

I would suggest you drop an email to: support@hubitat.com and ask them to check for you.


I agree. I think there's something being left out here. Contact support.

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Roger that.
Thanks. Given the info... I'll remove cells from some of the more... cheaper items...
And see. I didn't think a device could bring down the network. Kinda worrying from a DOS attack.

If a device suddenly starts broadcasting spurious data onto the network is is possible to ‘drown out’ or corrupt genuine traffic

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Curious. Thanks for the info - I have an idea. I have seen this in the old days when devices got short of battery.... but to think it could be an attack vector is worrying me.
Anyhoo I think it could be a few cheap motion sensors in my sheds... I'll report back.

I'd love to know the mechanics on why the hub would turn OFF the zigbee network, however. This is the crux of why my Away mode is being activated. when we are here.

If indeed, it's as simple as a rogue device....that all of my window and door sensors offline.

The reason I noticed it was because offline activates my arlo and synology cameras.... which is nice but doors opening is a better indication of intruders.

Me too, again tonight a zigbee foul up. HSM disarmed via keypad, sirens till sounded, hitting cancel alerts in HSM app did nothing, for about 2 minutes, even activating switches to cancel alerts(via RM) didn't stop the sirens from blaring. come home a few hours later and lights very slow to respond to motion, then hub says zigbee network offline. no errors in logs, only a warn around a encryption:false for keypad.
Whatever it is, the zigbee on this hub is not reliable. I hope it gets addressed soon, as it's been over a year, and many users, even without 3rd party apps/drivers have experienced this. I hope the team is focused on this issue
I've been rebooting nightly and that has helped somewhat but should not be necessary.

There is not an issue with zigbee, the network offline is when the hub has other issues, like when it get slow. HE admitted they are investigating a memory leak, I think that was the term.