Zigbee Of then on - Hub Slowdown - Jobs timing out - after 24 hours - Help

My hub is freezing up after about 24 hours of operation and sporadically turning on and of zigbee and irregularly reporting High CPU and while its happening it looks loke jobs are timingout out ( DB lock!!) ... Have removed basically everything I don't use and cant figure out what the hell is happening but its still happening and am a loss ...

Anyone have any ideas what i can do to diagnose the issue?

Take a look at the App and Device logs to see if any device or app seems to be using an inordinate amount of cycles. Zigbee turning off is a result of the high CPU, so solve that and it goes away. May also want to send an email to support.

cc: @bobbyD


Here is a document that might give you some good tips to help you get started troubleshooting the problem:



thanks mate

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