Zigbee no longer available , rebooted and all is good

All of a sudden all automations just stopped.... I checked the hub and it reported that the zigbee network is no longer available ..... it’s the 1st time this happened to me and a reboot restored everything... has anyone else seen this type of behavior before ?

I see this occasionally after doing a backup.
I disable and reenable the zigbee radio and things start to work again. Quicker than a reboot.

This is usually a sign of stress on the hub apparently the ZigBee radio is the 1st thing to go. A reboot will fix but if you have something that is bogging down your hub, your need to fix that otherwise it will just keep happening.

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Last time this happened. I completely powered the hub down for a minute and plugged it back in.

Thanks all, I don’t think the hub Is under pressure ... however I am developing a lighting app right now for my use and it’s quite possible all the back and forth impacted ... not so worried really it’s been up and running fairly much all the time since Christmas and this is the first occurrence of this issue ... next time I’ll disable and re-enable ....

Ps week 6 of quarantine... am starting to talk to my self and reply intelligently!