Zigbee Network Took a Dump After Recent Updates

I am running a C7 hub with software and after one of the recent updates (within the last week) my Zigbee network basically stopped working. I have about 12 or so Tradfri outlets I use as repeaters throughout the house. All of my bulbs are Sengled so they don't act as repeaters. I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting. It's maddening though. Pretty close to all of my Zigbee devices have stopped working. I have rebooted the hub, I've unplugged the hub for 10 mins or so. Any other ideas of what happened here or how to fix it?

Here is a snapshot of my routing table, if that helps.

Parent child parameters
EzspGetParentChildParametersResponse [childCount=13, parentEui64=0000000000000000, parentNodeId=65535]

Child Data
child:[Kitchen Sink Light, 7C67, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Table Light 1, 0ADF, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Table Light 3, 4513, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Table Light 2, 4C79, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Table Light 5, 8639, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Hallway Light 2, 0B4C, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Hutch Light Left, 99E4, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Hutch Light Right, 6789, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Dining Room Hallway Light 1, D5FB, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Living Room TV Light Left, A544, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
child:[Backyard Light, 4042, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]
No information for Child 11
child:[Dining Room Table Light 4, 3DA2, type:EMBER_END_DEVICE]

Neighbor Table Entry
[Living Room Routing Outlet, 02C1], LQI:246, age:4, inCost:5, outCost:0
[Upper Hallway Printer Desk Routing Outlet, 0B2D], LQI:254, age:3, inCost:1, outCost:0
[Basement Hallway Routing Outlet, 3613], LQI:250, age:3, inCost:3, outCost:0
[Ella’s Room Routing Outlet, 37DA], LQI:241, age:7, inCost:5, outCost:0
[Kitchen Routing Outlet, 3879], LQI:254, age:4, inCost:1, outCost:1
[Upper Hallway Computer Desk Routing Outlet, 41AF], LQI:255, age:3, inCost:1, outCost:0
[Living Room Fireplace Fan, 6159], LQI:253, age:4, inCost:3, outCost:0
[Garage Side Carbon Monoxide Detector, 7EDB], LQI:238, age:4, inCost:5, outCost:0
[Master Bedroom Heated Lotion, 866C], LQI:244, age:5, inCost:5, outCost:0
[Brennan’s Room White Noise, A4E9], LQI:202, age:3, inCost:5, outCost:0
[Connor’s Room Christmas Lights, A95A], LQI:253, age:3, inCost:3, outCost:0
[Basement Unfinished Workbench Light, B68C], LQI:253, age:4, inCost:3, outCost:5

Route Table Entry
status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Basement Stairs Motion Sensor, 2DE0] via [Ella’s Room Routing Outlet, 37DA]
status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Basement Hallway Thermostat, F02A] via [Kitchen Routing Outlet, 3879]

Did the zigbee pan ID change?

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I didn't change it and I don't even know what it was before, so I can't tell if it changed somehow during the update process?

It shouldn't change by itself but apparently has been known to happen Zigbee PAN Identifier Conflict? and would cause your network to fail and require repairing of devices.

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I find it interesting that you have ~12 Tradfri outlets, yet only two devices are listed as using them as routers.

Are you able to control the Tradfri outlets via Hubitat? If not, you might want to try resetting the outlets one at a time, and then re-pair them with the hub. As long as you do not delete them from the hub, they will pop back into their original 'device slots', saving any grief of having to tweak any Apps/Rules.

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Yeah, after reading through the article that @rocketwiz posted, it sounds very similar. Sounds like I need to unplug/replug and maybe even re-pair all of my outlets again. Sounding more and more like the Zigbee PAN identifier must have changed which is kind of infuriating. No clue what caused it to change, but if I have to constantly worry about it changing again and having to go through all of this, I'm going to get very frustrated. What if I was out of town or something when this PAN ID switched and I lost access to all my thermostats, etc?

Again, no clue how/why it might have switched, but hopefully Hubitat has a way to prevent this from happening again in the future. My once smart home is instantly not smart anymore. lol

This is highly unlikely - the issue was addressed in platform release 2.2.3.


Another possibility is interference, has anything in the environment changed? What zigbee and wifi channels are you using? Are you able to do a wifi scan of the environment?

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As @rocketwiz has suggested, I think that such a situation can happen when there is a conflict between wifi and zigbee.
Please check your router, to make sure that it hasn't (accidentally) using the same 2.4 band as Zigbee. Remember, that Zigbee channels are numbered differently from wifi channels. (I think that the default Zigbee channel is 20, which corresponds to the wifi channel of 11.)
As suggested, download the wifi analyzer program from the app/play store. Make sure that the zigbbe channel is not the same as your 2.4 wifi channel.

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You have many "outcost:0" which is bad. Please see this link