Zigbee Network Offline

Hi - Discovered this morning that the zigbee network was offline on my C5. Restarting the hub seems to have restored it - but not sure what would cause that. I looked at the logs and didn't see anything obvious (other than hubitat log reporting it offline earlier this morning). I didn't see any devices reporting high activity or anything like that.

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Crap new firmwares. that caused it

Could have been a build up of things over time? Zigbee is the 1st to go if the hub gets bogged down, I normally see it on one of my hubs when there was a lan device that went wonky a few days earlier. Then it seem to take up to a week before it then causes a issue.
Reboot and your good to go.

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Considering nothing has touched the c5 zigbee stack in several years, do you have proof of this?


Generally speaking, I've found a controlled shutdown and power cycle to be better than a reboot, especially for Z-Wave. I think it might be true for Zigbee as well, but I don't know.


It is my understanding that the Zigbee also needs the hub powered off with the power plug pulled in order to be rebooted.

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This is something to definitely check. In particular, if you have a cloud based application that is running wild, or a poorly constructed rule, it can bring the hub to a halt.

Errors in the logs need to be addressed. Also look at App Statistics and Device Statistics and see if anything is using excessive resources.

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Hi thanks. As I mentioned above, there were no errors in the log that stood out, and both app and device statistics showed low usage overall. (less than 20% busy as I recall). The home assistant device bridge is usually the heaviest load.