Zigbee Network Offline message would improve with the trigger being shown as well

I have now had two occurrences, about 1 week apart, where my home automation quit functioning. When trying to find out what was wrong and why Alexa wasn't getting the job done I went to my web interface to manually flip a bulb group off. Immediately I noticed a red icon in my top right of my main screen - hovering over it I read 'zigbee network offline'.

It would be very useful since this is an intermittent problem for me, to see the HE trigger for this - ie; 'zigbee network offline due to heavy traffic' or whatever actually causes the message.

While there is no specific automatic notification, you can just write a rule for the radio turning on/off..
I have 2. One if it turns off, below, and one if it turns on.



Already implemented! I'd have never even thought to look for that 'Location' event... did you stumble on it or how did you know it was there!?! Anyways - thanks!.

Ha. Me too.
Picked it up in another thread some time ago.


The other thing to keep in mind, when this happens watch the hub's PAN ID, as if it changes it can cause devices to drop.
I've had the Zigbee network go offline a few times, with zero reasoning or explanation. I get the sense the hub is easily overloaded, especially with IP based devices, as opposed to zigbee/z-wave. I've read that when hub is overloaded, the 1st thing to go, is the Zigbee network.

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@rxich I completely agree!
I'm tempted to put the auto-reboot every week back on. I remember a period when that was a common idea from many in the community, Maybe that might settle it down... I really hate intermittent issues!

Try tracking down hub reboot events that randomly occur around sunrise and sunset.

@Rxich Location events also has "severeload" as a trigger.

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The only times that this has happened to me memory went to low. The cpu then gets overloaded trying to free up memory and the Zigbee radio gets backed up with messages and is shut down (or vice versa). Look at apps that use the lan or internet.


Yes and yes. I used to have several LAN based devices and automations. Since those are removed things are much better.


I have a number of "suspect" yet helpful integrations. I've moved them to a secondary hub. Helps tremendously.

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