Zigbee Network offline after migration to C-8

Just migrated from C-5 to C-8. All Z-wave devices are working as before but nothing Zigbee works. There is a message that "Zigbee Network is offline." I have updated hub to latest firmware and restarted Zigbee radio with no success. Zigbee Network State has been in Status: INITIALISING for days! All Zigbee devices were working in C-5 hub. What should I try next?

Have you tried rebooting the radio from Zigbee Details page and/or power cycling the hub by Shutting down from Settings then unplugging the hub for a minute?


yes I have. Unfortunately, no success,

I could be off the mark with one or two of these....:

  • Do you still have the C-5 turned on? Even if it was reset in some way after the migration?
  • Do you know the channels being used by any 2.4GHz networks, including Wi-Fi networks and Zigbee networks? (Hence my question above)
  • Do you have the 2 antenna's screwed into the hub? (Not expecting this to be the case, but sometimes it can be the simple things.... :slight_smile: Not even sure if this would cause an issue like this)

I gave my C5 away so it's not around. I'm not sure how to see what channels are being used by other 2.4 GHz networks but I did change the channel several times to see if that would have an effect but it still is offline. The antenna's are screwed in to the hub and I laughed when you asked because I've done silly stuff like that from time to time! :rofl: