Zigbee network no longer functional after update to

After updating from to, my zigbee devices are completely unresponsive. There are no logs or alerts indicating any issue... In fact, the zigbee logs have basically gone to nothing, with a single entry every 5 minutes and none of the normal zigbee chatter. See if you can pinpoint the point where I did the update:

I've reverted back to 2.2.9, done a soft reset, done hard shutdowns, so far no change. And no info that I can see that help. Help!

Not clear what you mean by that. The only way that I know of to reset the radios is to shut down the hub, preferably, cleanly, as from Diag Tools (hub.IP:8081) or Settings, Shutdown, then turn off the power, leave it off for 20 seconds or so, then apply power and let it boot.

Now, it’s possible that the Zigbee radio module has failed.

It’s possible that the radio has changed Zigbee channels. Some have reported that.

But, if you power the hub down for an extended time, that causes Zigbee devices to panic and try to find the hub on its new channel when it comes back up.

Thanks, yes I'll elaborate:

In the past 6 months or so, I've had an issue with my zwave radio that was only recoverable by physically powering down the device (cleanly), as restarts did not reset the modem. So that's what I'm referring to when I say hard shutdowns.

I also had the growing database issue that was patched a few releases ago, which manifested when you did a hard shutdown, and would resolve itself if you did a regular reboot.

So I have had the box shut down for 60 seconds at a time, but no luck yet. No devices have panicked and come back available.

What I do see, and this could be completely useless, is that the zigbee logging since the original upgrade reports clusterId: 32818, where previous it was 6 and 25. No idea what those numbers represent, but they did change after the upgrade.

Alright, result... I tried turning it off... Waiting 10 minutes... Then on. But nothing.

I just manually changed the channels and I'm starting to see logging traffic from some of the devices. I assume the "up to 24 hours" thing is going to happen as the network heals. Disaster hopefully averted!

I believe it is 20 minutes. You need the devices to start panicking.

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@lairdknox, sorry if my post wasn’t perfectly clear.

The first paragraph of my post, with shutdown of the hub for 20 seconds, described the procedure to reset the radios, just as I said.

The last paragraph of my post, where one would shut the hub down for an extended time (i.e., twenty or thirty minutes or more), is the different procedure to cause the mesh’s Zigbee radios to panic, just as you (and I) noted.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear that these were two different procedures. Thanks for the clarification.

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