Zigbee Multi Sensor for open/close and acceleration

Looking for a replacement for a smartthings multi sensor. Smartthings has either discontinued the item, or is having trouble keeping them in stock.

I use two of the older versions on my doors, of course for open / close, but I also use them for knock sensors. One works well for the knock sensor, the other randomly goes off so I'd like to replace one or both.

I'm having trouble locating a suitable zigbee replacement - website descriptions often don't say whether the open/close sensors also measure acceleration.

If you have a zigbee model that works well with those two functions, can you let me know?

Aeotec will be making them (or is already making them). I anticipate they will available on Amazon soon.


@aaiyar Thank you.
Strikingly similar to the unavailable smartthings version...
I'll keep on the lookout for when it is available (I don't see it yet).
Wouldn't be surprised if it shows up available on smartthings and aeotec at the same time.

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Samsung sold its SmartThings hardware line to Aeotec about a year ago. So this is the exact same as the SmartThings multi-purpose sensor.

Aeotec now makes the SmartThings hub as well. The hub is expected to be available on Amazon in Q2 of 2021, and the sensors in Q3.