Zigbee Migration - Why the exclusion?

This is merely because I'm curious and want to learn. I did a bit if searching the Community and didn't find a topic that covered it.

I started out way back with a Wink Hub 1. When it was released, I moved over to a Wink Hub 2. I remember being amazed that it seamlessly transferred z-wave, zigbee, lutron (required a brief interaction with each device), devices. Notable here is the zigbee migration. So it's obviously possible to do such a thing.

So that leaves me curious what the technical limitation is for Hubitat and why it can't currently do zigbee migration automatically. My guess is radio hardware or something along those lines?

This :point_up_2:

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Seems likely.

Hubitat made a different choice with their Zigbee chip. The db that exists on the Zigbee radio chip isn't accessible -- basically the same as with the C-4 and the Nortek USB stick... can't read the DB out of the chip(s).

Perhaps the NEXT version of the hub.. C-8, C-9, C-X.. whatever they choose... will use a 'better' Zigbee chip. :smiley:

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Actually its not the chip specifically, its the firmware on the chip, specifically the inability to write the Network Extended (64bit) PAN ID, most devices don't care about the this, however those using the IAS cluster (most motion and contact sensors) actually store it and will not work correctly if its different than the one configured when initially included.
So yeah, next Zigbee chip, whenever that is, we'll look into supporting that properly.


That's very interesting. Thanks for the information. I appreciate the semi deep dive.

Thanks for the clarity. :slight_smile:

Not much left after subtracting "most motion and contact sensors" from a house full of Zigbee devices. I know I had a hard time finding In-Wall outlets when I was looking to NOT have to use wall warts to have a repeater in the same room as those darn Hampton Bay Fan Controllers.

Automagically moving everything but battery driven "motion and contact sensors" would be a big positive in my home. Not having to pop the canopy on the Fans again would be, as it is with ZWave, well worth the Hub Protect price. :slight_smile:

I'm expecting to have to touch the battery devices and so they aren't difficult to reach... perhaps exploring a partial Zigbee migration would not be as awful as it seems. :slight_smile: I know that I'd click "OK to proceed" on a warning that migration won't get all Zigbee devices. :slight_smile:

Ha! Yeah those Hampton Bay controllers were exactly what I was thinking about when considering migration. And yeah.. I also have a wall wart in every room with those things. Ugh. Love to hate em, but they do the job since I don't have wall switches for my fans.

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I have a small Zigbee collection. 10 of them are Iris v2 and v3 motion sensors. Those would, presumably not migrate automagically because of the Extended PAN. The remaining Zigbee devices are the HBFC and the 'mated' wall wart outlets. There's also a pair of battery Presence tags that are the easiest to manually migrate. :slight_smile:

So a partial automagic migration would be beneficial to me.

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Yes, understood however we felt is was disingenuous to promote a Zigbee migration if it didn't work for all devices, besides, it would be a support/documentation nightmare to describe this situation to novice customers...