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My zigbee mesh has been a mess for the last month and I cant get it resolved. I had a perfectly running network with Samsung repeating plugs scattered about the house for all my bulbs. The zigbee network worked great for years with my bulbs responding instantly to commands even after upgrading to the c8. I decided to swap out all the repeating Samsung outlets with repeating Sengled ones. After swapping out all 10 plugs my zigbee network will not recover. I have many bulbs I have to command up to 10 times before they respond. I have tried letting it panic. I have factory reset the bulbs and re-discovered them but am still having major issues with bulbs not responding. I have tried different power levels and channels. When it was working great on the C8 I was at power 16 and channel 24. That is what I am back. Is there something else I can try?

Zigbee's a hot mess on the C8 for a few of us out here. We're pretty much just waiting to see if it can be resolved via firmware or not.

I'm planning to migrate b̶a̶c̶k̶ t̶o̶ m̶y̶ o̶l̶d̶ C̶7̶ to a replacement C8 this weekend in the meantime, and I just hope any possible firmware-related issues don't follow me over there.



How about simply putting the ST outlets back in use, and return the Sengled outlets for a refund? FYI - there are two models of the Sengled outlets. The earlier version was NOT a Zigbee repeater, whereas the newer model is. Which model did you purchase?


I purchase the newer repeating units. The Samsung units are getting pretty old that's why I replaced them.


I am using old Lowes Iris 3210-L outlets. These were made by Centralite, who was also the OEM for the original SmartThings Zigbee outlets. To this day, these are among the most reliable Zigbee repeaters ever made.

Personally, I would not replace the Samsung ST outlets. They are also very well regarded as reliable Zigbee repeaters.


My zigbee devices respond either pretty quickly or take up to a minute since I'm on C8, but was really stable on my C5.

Hope a future firmware will help!

The Samsung and Centralite/Iris smart plugs were excellent at repeating H1.2 signals. I had several of them in my mesh when I tried adding a couple of Aqara devices to my C7. I had to replace the older smart plugs with Zigbee 3.0 smart plugs before I could get the Aqara devices to work.

When I upgraded to C8, the Aqara devices quit functioning. I replaced them with Tuya Zigbee 3.0 devices and all is well.

My point is that while SmartThings and Centralite smart plugs were excellent repeaters of Zigbee 1.2 signals back in their day, they might not be so good at repeating Zigbee 3.0 signals today.

I am currently using Third Reality smart plugs with Zigbee 3.0. They seem to be good repeaters. If you do purchase them, please do NOT purchase the ones with power reporting unless you specifically need that function. The power reporting interval cannot be adjusted with the current drivers and multiple plugs can flood the hub with data.


@eric22 For giggles on the c8 click rebuild zigbee network. Next increase your radio power by 2. Make sure your wifi base is on channel 6 or lower and that your hub zigbee is on 20 or higher. Make sure if your old hub is powered hub that you reset the radio (this is different from a soft reset and is done on the zigbee details page) And either disable the radio or make sure that the channel is different from the c8 (put it at like 25)

Next shut down the hub, unplug power for 30 mins. This will throw all your zigbee devices into panic mode. Power back up and let things settle for 24 hours.

I was able to resolve the issue by replacing 5 of the plugs with the Sengled non repeating type. Maybe there was just to much noise with all of them attached.

Just for the record, if you used the Sengled plugs you linked to in an earlier post up above, those are most definitely repeaters.

No I used these.



Question about building a zigbee mesh, as im confused on something. The Hubitat article on how to build a successful zigbee mesh states that each of battery devices should be paired at its intended destination, but im pretty sure that that i've read at multiple suggestions that the device should be paired next to the hub to ensure all settings are transferred correctly and then moved to its final destination... so which one is it? As im about to re-pair all my zigbee battery powered devices in hopes of solving my mesh issues.

If you can get the device to pair in its intended location, that would be ideal. Just be sure to pair all of your mains-powered Zigbee devices that will act as Zigbee repeaters before you start pairing the battery powered devices.

If a device refuses to pair far from the hub, then by all means pair it in close proximity to the hub, and then move it to its intended location. It will eventually find the strongest signal, whether that be the hub or a repeater, and the mesh will optimize itself over time.

UNderstood. I'm in the process of adding even more repeaters today and will then re-pair all of the battery powered zigbee devices, after that will rebuild the mesh.

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