Zigbee Lux sensor (ceiling mounted)

Can anyone recommend a ceiling mounted lux sensor, I've found this Xiaomi one but not sure if it is compatible

I can’t recommend any lux sensors since I’ve not installed any yet, but I can say that the one from Aqara/Xiaomi will get UNOFFICIAL support soonish, but it is an Aqara/Xiaomi device and will need all the special consideration that comes with that. There’s whole threads about the topic. In short, Xiaomi/Aqara are not recommended devices. Some have them running, me included, and they work great. For others, not so much, YMMV.

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out of interest, what's the use case?

To use in conjunction with an Aqara motion detector for hallway motion lighting. The Aqara has lux but it is positioned in a dark corner so doesn't give a good representation. A dedicated lux sensor in the centre of my hall would be better.

Have a look at the Philips indoor motion sensor, no reason it couldn't be mounted on the ceiling.

It's a bit big for my liking, and expensive! I'm a tight Yorkshireman :laughing: if there's nothing else I'll try relocate the Aqara somewhere more suitable.


there isn't Zigbee wise, Lux sensors aren't very common.

Is there a thread about the Xiaomi lux sensor? I've read about the Xiaomi/Aqara issues, mine seem okay so far

One user, @karl2, has a few of them, and is working on a Hubitat device driver.

I've got two on order, but they haven't shipped as I placed the order too close to Chinese New Year (and it's possibly affected by the Coronavirus "outbreak"). Once I've received them, I plan on putting together a driver if @karl2 hasn't already. Either way a new driver should hopefully be announced here when it happens:


great thanks, i'll get a couple ordered

I'll try and get the driver cleaned up a bit this weekend and put it out there. It'll probably want someone else to take it over though, with more experience in these things.

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My local Aqara store is still closed here in Shanghai so can't buy any yet, and the online stores still don't deliver... But I want a couple of these as well. Thank you for writing the driver!
If @veeceeoh don't want to/have time, I can do it, but he has more experience with zigbee, so he would be a better choice.

I'd be happy to help, @karl2, if you don't mind testing any changes until I receive my units! :smiley:

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has anybody confirmed if the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor Zigbee 3.0 Light Detector works directly with He. I keep reading that it needs the Xiamoi hub? If it does is anybody using it and are you happy with it?

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+1 for an update.
I am looking to add light sensor and don't really want to spend $60 USD on an Aeotec Trisensor

There is a Smartthings driver [RELEASE] Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor (March 2020) - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community and Zigbee2MQTT support. I don't see a reason it would use group messages so I think the driver could be ported.

I think I will buy one, seems to be their new Zigbee 3.0 line maybe they won't fall off.


Cool. I ordered a three pack already. Lol.

Thanks for the reply.

Are these definitely Zigbee 3.0?

Do they join to HE easy and stay connected?

i can't tell you. mine never arrived from aliexpress.

They are a pain the butt to join, but stay connected. However, all my zigbee repeaters are Aqara-compatible, so I don't know how they work with repeaters that are not Aqara compatible.