Zigbee Logging Question

Hi. I've a question on interpreting zigbee logs. When I turn Zigbee logging on I get fairly frequent updates (seconds apart) from Zigbee devices...usually "mains" powered devices that perform routing.

Does this indicate a healthy Zigbee network or a Zigbee network that is constantly repairing itself and needs some work? The amount of Zigbee traffic I'm seeing seems somewhat noisy to me, but maybe that is by design and is a good thing?

Here's a snippet of logging to give you an idea of what I'm seeing when I log Zigbee activity

Looks like you are using some energy reporting outlets; they generate frequent metering traffic. It's expected and benign; if your mesh devices are working normally, power monitoring traffic doesn't cause issues on a Zigbee network (it's what it is designed to do). With inadequate mesh coverage, flaky hardware, or bad RF environment it may be another story.

There's also a considerable amount of traffic that's normal, even on a 'quiet' network; usually involving mains powered devices. They're constantly exchanging low-level link status information that's not shown on the logging page. The getChildandRouteInfo page is more reflective of that, for the hub's immediate neighbors.

To interpret what you see in the logs will take a bit of digging. You can come up with descriptions of the clusterId assignments; they're defined in specific contexts of the profileId's included in each logged entry. The Home Automation profile is 0x104 but the other common one you'll see is the ZDO (Zigbee Device Object) profileId 0x00 which is used for network management and status retrieval.

If your Zigbee devices are performing normally, I wouldn't worry about what's in the logging page (but my personal opinion is, if you are interested in how things work, the time to look at it is when things are working normally-- then if/when things do take a turn for the worse, you may find it easier to spot the differences that are relevant).

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Thanks Tony for the explanation. My Zigbee devices have been very reliable so it's reassuring to know that I'm not missing a problem that the hub is trying to tell me. And yes, I am interested in digging deeper into the protocol exchanges between devices... never know when that knowledge may be useful in the future.

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