Zigbee Locks


Anyone using any zigbee locks?

I have 1 of the Yale: YRD226 Assure Lock Touchscreen

I have not moved it yet. I do not see any generic lock driver for zigbee locks (I do see a zwave).

Is there any driver in the works from the Hubitat folks for zigbee locks? Anyone gotten their own or a smartthings driver to work?

I am putting off 4 more of these being purchased, don’t want them to be expensive paper weights.


Hey did you get an answer to this ?


I have 4 Schlage zigbee locks that work great. So much better than my old z-wave ones.


I have 4 Yale zigbee locks. They work great with Hubitat.


I am migrating from SmartThings and have a Danalock V3 (zigbee) deadbolt lock.
Although I can pair it with Hubitat and able to lock / unlock, there is no status update.
Without knowing what state the lock is in, it cannot be used. Not sure if this applies to other locks.


All these locks don’t seem very reliable to me.

Seems it’s 80 percent of the time they lock and the other 20 percent they fail.

Is this incorrect?


Depends on the lock, technology, and how good of a communication mesh you have...

I haven't had a missed lock/unlock on my zigbee Kwikset locks ever, and I can't remember noticing the status ever being incorrect either.

I did have some missed events when I used zwave Kwikset modules, though. But definitely not as high as 20%.


So my zigbee variant of the Yale YRD256 is working "better". Rule I've created to verify door is closed (via a recessed sensor) and lock is unlocked then lock the door after a slight delay does not fire all the time for some reason - seems to fail if I haven't opened the door in a while. However the lock always seems responsive to unlocking via the device page. Lock codes and reporting from the lock seem to work as well.

When my lock had the Z-Wave module in it it would just stop responding from time to time, Had trouble pairing (beaming or something, I guess) even though I tried various festive things like relocating the router and adding repeaters etc. This was/is also true of my older Z-wave Yale lock.

I don't know what is going on but frustratingly cannot seem to replicate the problems in a timely matter and I don't really have the time to dive into this when there are so many other things to do - it's working well enough. Anecdotally though (reading through all the threads, seeing common themes) HE seems to have issues with lock handling for some reason - maybe a lower level system issue I dunno.


Did you ever sort the Hubitat with Danalock V3 (zigbee) issue? I am considering that setup so doing my research before committing. Also as I am in Australia we use a different frequency for Z-wave so I was trying to avoid the Z-wave US lock options. That said I am thinking the Schlage Connect Zigbee might be the best for me.


Yes. The lock is working on the Hubitat hub using the Generic ZigBee Lock device.
At the time I was converting all my devices over from SmartThings and was having trouble with getting the lock working. Even though I could lock/unlock it I wasn't able to get the status of it. As I remember I came back several days later and was able to get it to work properly. While I am not exactly sure what my initial problem was I suspect I may have forgotten to click on configure after it paired.

Like I said, it works great but I only use the lock/unlock feature. I can't speak to any other features such as programmed user codes because I never tried to use them. I'm not even sure why anyone would need to other than to use the DanaLock phone app.


I've had really bad luck with Schlage Z Wave locks and wound up returning them. BUT, I've had GREAT luck with the Kwikset Zigbee ones. I'd say it's really close to 100% reliability. The locks report their status correctly, and lock/unlock instantly.

Specifically I've used the 911 which I added the Zigbee module to, 912 model (non deadbolt kind).