Zigbee locked up

Strange occurrence here last night.

My wife told me that one of the Zigbee buttons wasn't working correctly; upon investigation, it turned out that none of our Zigbee devices were working.

To the hub, then. Nothing in the Log; on the "Zigbee Details" page, I saw "Zigbee Network State: OFFLINE" (although "Enabled"), and "Zigbee Channel" set incorrectly. I tried both "Disabled" and "Enabled", and changing the channel back to 20, but none of that changed anything.

So, reboot the hub. And, BOOM, everything back the way it was supposed to be (Enabled, 20, all functioning).

C-5 running Never happened before, and hoping it never happens again; WAF took a massive hit. :frowning_face:

Happened to me many many times. Check under settings-> zigbee details to see if your PAN ID changed. If so that means many devices would need to reconnect and not all always do reconnect.

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Yeah that's happened to me too for both ZB & WAF.. on my old main C-4. I did also have some faulty Z-Wave devices back then that were causing trouble so maybe there was some system/resource issue that caused the ZB service to crash dunno.

Thanks for the tip, @Rxich - the PAN ID was indeed different, and I had a couple of water sensors that didn't find their way back.

What would cause the PAN ID [PID?] to change like that? Some sort of detected conflict?

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Ugg, be damned if i know, er, understand. There was a quantum zigbee mechanics discussion between Mike & Markus,
Since you're stuck at home & curious, here's some light reading

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