Zigbee lock which works with Hubitat

I am currently using Danalock V3 with my Hubitat hub and it works fine.
However, my lock is getting old and the motor is having issues.
So I am looking for an alternative lock.

But I live in Turkey and most of the American door locks are not compatible with Turkish locks.
Here , we have locks which turn 3 or 4 times (4 x 360 degree) and Danalock does have a powerful motor which can turn the heavy lock 4x360 degrees.
New zigbee lock should also be able to do that.

Any suggestions that are known to work with Hubitat ?

no alternatives ?

I would check Aliexpress for over seas stuff. They're probably your best bet :slight_smile:

well anything from Aliexpress and not tested on Hubitat would be a huge disappointment.
For example, there is a great Tuya zigbee lock but it does not work on Hubitat.

So I am looking for advice, from users of Hubitat.

If there's nothing, I'll go for Danalock again...

Does your Danalock attach on top of a dumb lock’s thumb turn?

Or does the Danalock replace part or all of the lock mechanism itself?

I am trying to picture what exactly is turning 360 degrees x4.

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Have you researched which Tuya or Aqara locks are working with SmartThings?
Or which are working in Home Assistant?

You can use the search engine here :

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Danalock replaces the lock mechanism.

I didn't understand how to use that search database.
There are many locks in it, but I don'T know which are able to turn the lock 4x360 like my Danalock.

That’s probably going to be the limiting factor for you.

According to the database at the link @kkossev posted, there’s a zigbee version of the Danalock.

ok, so I've learnt that the common name for this type of door lock is DIN cylinder.
Very common in EU countries, and the look of it is like this one in the photo:

Since I am looking for zigbee or zwave connectivity, there are not many options.
But I see these ;

Xiaomi Vima - this is from Aqara product line, and since we have some aqara devices already working on HE, I believe it should work. Am I wrong ? Any experiences ?

VisorTech - this is also zigbee. But no mention of it anywhere. Any ideas about this one ?

Yale Linus with Zigbee module - I am not sure if Yale Linus supports zigbee module, but might be working

any other options ?