Zigbee Light Switch Recommendation?

I'm currently using a Zwave Light Switch in my garage to switch a number of LED and Fluorescent lights. It isn't terribly reliable, but I've got Zigbee switches (not light switches) in the garage as well and one operates the garage door. The Zigbee devices work perfectly every time and I'm thinking I need to switch out this Zwave light switch for one that is Zigbee since the Zigbee network seems to work better in the garage. Could anyone recommend a specific Zigbee switch for me to try? There are neutral wires in the box and the current switch uses a neutral wire. Thanks for any help.

Hardware Version: C-7
Platform Version:


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The Inovelli Blue 2-1 is another to consider.

But dealing with florescent ballasts can be a wildcard for smart switches, so important to watch that in your research.


Thank you. I have actually tried that one and I have no idea why, but it did not want to work at all. I couldn't even turn the lights on and off at the switch and I know I had it connected correctly. It may have been defective. I returned and then went to one I've used before, which was Zwave, but again, it does work, but once in a while it does not. Just hoping for something people have good luck with that is super stable since the rest of my network is. Thanks again.

That is a good point. I'm wondering if the fluorescent bulbs mixed with LED bulbs is causing a problem. The Zwave I have does work, just not all the time, which is confusing and bothersome. Overall, anything I have that is Zigbee just seems to work better than my Zwave stuff.

I might give the Inovelli a try, but they do emphasize that it can only work with light bulbs, no fans, nothing else but bulbs. I have only bulbs, but that comment worries me a little since I have the LED mixed with fluorescent bulbs. Who knows. Thanks again for your help.

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Works 100% without issues for me. It says it works with CFL lighting. It is likely the one you had may have been defective.

Thanks. I should probably give it another try.

If you purchase from Amazon and it doesn't work, you can return it within the return window.