Zigbee issues noticeably with buttons

I'm having a problem with Zigbee buttons, and I suspect other devices, when they are awakened after a few minutes of inactivity. Buttons are showing they are being pressed two and even three times even though I know they are only being pressed once. Distance from the hub doesn't seem to matter, and I have many Zigbee repeaters throughout the house. I unboxed a new Samsung button, paired it, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then pressed the button once. In the log I see the presses a couple of seconds apart. I don't think this is new behavior I'm just getting around to trying to deal with it since the people in my house are noticing and complaining about differences in the way things are behaving since I changed from SmartThings.

Here are some logs

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:42.707:infoA button button 1 was pushed

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:42.701:debugparse: zone status 0x0001 -- extended status 0x00

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:40.934:infoA button button 1 was pushed

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:40.927:debugparse: zone status 0x0001 -- extended status 0x00

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:36.328:warndescription logging is: true

dev:8332018-10-28 10:13:36.327:warndebug logging is: true

A button2018-10-28 10:13:42.799 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x500, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-64

A button2018-10-28 10:13:40.976 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0x500, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-64

This is not normal, I would suspect interference.

Thanks it's worth a try. I'm using Chanel 24 (same as my old hub) and the Hue is on 20. I'll try switching to 25 or 26 and see if that helps. Are there any devices that don't like those channels?

Yeah, seems to vary, but I've not been happy with 26.
I would go lower than 20 myself.

Thanks again. I'll try 15.

Mines on 26 as well. I've been waiting to change it when I won't be home for a while to give all devices to migrate over. How long do you estimate you should leave everything alone to "settle"?

the upcoming build has some enhancements in regards to channel changes, best to wait for that as it will greatly speed up this process for a significant number of devices.

Thanks for the tip Mike! I definitely will.

This is good to hear because I had no luck changing the channel, none of my devices even after 24 hours re-connected. I had to change the channel back. Currently I am on 22 I wanted to bring it down to 15, but did not want to re-pair all my devices.

This update isn't going to catch all the devices, apparently not all zigbee devices are actually listening for the channel change broadcast that we implemented.
Two examples in the lab that didn't change channels were a zigbee lock, and a hue bulb, the 5 other zigbee bulbs all changed channels immediately.
So I can't predict how many of your devices will or won't move immediately, just trying to temper the expectations.

Well at this point I had no devices that changed. I also have no hue bulbs and my lock is Z-Wave. My Zigbee devices are mostly Cree bulbs, Hue Motion sensors, and Iris plugs with some Xiaomi temp sensors mixed in. I suspect the Xiaomi devices might need to be re-paired. Hoping the motion sensors at worst will just need a battery pull.

I changed the channel to 15 but the issue continues, sometimes it is up to 10 seconds before the ghost message comes in. I'm going to try and identify other devices on 2.4 ghz. Is it possible it is a faulty Zigbee repeater?

not sure what you mean by ghost message, are you meaning that the event is accurate, but 10 seconds late?

Well, a button has been inactive for awhile and is pressed and there is a message in both the zigbee and regular log. Then a few seconds later there is another message in both logs. If the device was active then the double message doesn't happen. I'm seeing it on temperature and motion reports as well when the sensor sends a report after being inactive for a few minutes.

What button device are these?, and what driver are you using.

Iris smart buttons and SmartThings buttons all using built in drivers. I first spotted it with buttons because I typically toggle lights when a button is pressed. Now that I've been looking at the log it seems like most if not all my battery powered devices show a message multiple times when they send after being inactive.

Ok, this is a mesh issue

I figured the mesh would rebuild when I changed channels.

I disabled the Zigbee network in the hub for an hour. When I turned it back on everything seemed normal for awhile but eventually the double messages and double button events came back.

Can you think of anything to try besides resetting the Zigbee network and starting over? I have about 80 Zigbee devices.

perhaps as an experiment to determine if this is a bad router or interference issue, you might try the following:
-turn off all 2.4G wifi
-unplug any other zigbee hubs/bridges you have on line, Hue, ST ect, all of them.
see if that makes any difference

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I'll try that when I can. Turning off all the WiFi sources will be interesting, it seems like everything from the ADT Pulse hub to my Visio TV creates a WiFi private network.