Zigbee : Is it ok to turn off the Zigbee radio if you aren't going to use it?

Good morning! At the moment, I am running all Z-wave devices. Is there any issues with turning off the Zigbee radio if you are not using it?

I assume it will create less work for the hubitat and not interfere with other wifi channels in the area.

I'll leave it on if it's a janky option. Thanks for your help!

Yes, it is completely safe to disable the Zigbee and/or the Z-Wave radio. I have a C7 hub that handles a bunch of cloud integrations with both radios disabled. Never any issues running the hub in this way.


Thank you for your time! I appreciate it.

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I do the same. One for all the rules and devices and the other hub for cloud. The one for cloud has both radios disabled.

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I'm still in the phase of getting a dependable network. :slight_smile: I am interested in remote controlling once things are steady. I may need another C-8 for the first floor running an additional 15 (S0) secure locks with 4 Jasco outlets as repeaters in the hallways. The spare C-7 I have could be used for the remote control option. I assume CLOUD means you remote operations? Anything you can share on this would be most appreciated. Thanks!

One day you might decide to purchase some Zigbee devices. Most of them work quite well and are less expensive than Z-wave. If you do go that route, don't forget to reactivate your Zigbee radio. I have a robust mix of Z-wave, Zigbee, and Lutron Clear Connect devices. I try to avoid using WiFI devices whenever possible.


For cloud I mean any service that isn't local in the Hubs for example:

  • Ecobee Thermosts (Must use their Cloud APi)
  • Weather Alerts ( NWS API calls)
  • NUT UPS (Polling the computer that has the NUT server running)
  • My MQTT Weatherflow - Subscribes to a local MQTT topic for weather station updates
  • Echo Speaks - Alexa control and text to speech to Amazon's API's

I then use Hub Connect to publish these events to my primary hub where I run the local services, Rule Machine, Room Manager, Dashboards, etc. This hub can run independently if the "cloud" hub goes down for most of it's automations.

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Thanks! pulling data from api will come in time for me. makes sense to keep a hub around for that specific task.

I will look into them in the futue. All I am concerned with right now is seeing if I can manage to get 30 doors in an apartment to work consistently. Unfortunately, they are the 500 series ASSA Yale modules running S0 security. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

Having water sensors, co2 alarms etc would be super cool in the futre.

If doors work, then goto: notifications! :slight_smile:

It's not possible to actually turn off the Zigbee radio; it will broadcast every few seconds on whatever Zigbee channel it is set to. Disabling it will reduce its activity but won't turn it off. Not likely to hurt your wifi, but if you ever deploy any other Zigbee hub, it's probably a good idea to be aware of this potential Zigbee channel coexistence (even then, not a likely to be a major source of interference).

Disclaimer: Since I've been posting this for years and have never had anyone corroborate my findings (I used a sniffer to come to this conclusion), it's possible that I am the only one that owns 3 HE hubs with this 'inability'. :thinking:


I have a Schlage Z-wave lock. It pairs with S2 Access Control security. I would be surprised if a lock would even pair with S0 security. Since S2 has been around since 2017, I would think your locks would implement that more robust security protocol. For door locks, it is best to use the more secure authentication.

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It would be nice if yale would have kept up. I did not order these or would have chosen the zigbee module they offer. All 30 of these locks were installed in 2020 with locks provided by YALE with

ASSA ABLOY (green)

These modules use 500 series Z-wave PLUS and can only do S0 security.

There are no firmware updates.

Spoke to their eng dept the other day. They said they are still working on S2 modules.

Please warn others of this if it comes up. DO NOT purchase yale locks unless you are certain that they are running S2.

It's a nightmare.

good to know! thanks.

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