Zigbee in-wall Receptacles

Does anyone have a recommendation for in-wall Zigbee receptacles?

I found a Smartenit & the (out of production) Enerwave, but the Smartenit seems a bit pricey.

I'd really like an in-wall repeater solution to replace all these plug in modules from Securifi and Samsung.


It depends on features you want... Single switched outlet vs double. Power monitoring? USB ports?

I'm very ineterested in this as well... I've got a z-wave (not plus) outlet that stopped working and a total of about 20 around the house. Thought about replacing the outlets with zigbee. Figured they could be used as repeaters for my zigbee sensors... Also thinking about replacing my door locks with zigbee and the outlets would serve as repeaters for those... Every one of my switches in the house are z-wave so this would be a nice balance between protocols...

Anyway, as I digress... I have not been able to find zigbee outlets... Is there a disadvantage to using them? Just wondering why they are not mainstream?

I have several of these, not recommended even if you manage to find them...


Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

I haven't seen Zigbee wall outlets in a while. I remember that Lowe's used to sell the ones made by GE, but they haven't been restocked it appears. They are no longer on the Jasco site:


Is it possible no one makes them anymore? A check of the Zigbee Alliance site shows there is a lack:

I recently went looking for this as well. The only thing i could find were the Smartenit outlets that were available.

Only ones I've seen as well, but 50 bucks seems too spendy for what they are.

Completely agree. However supply/demand until there's competition.

Yeah, but they've always been 50 bucks, even when the enerwave product was available...

Smartenit has always been more commercial with limited consumer offerings so perhaps they just don't "care" about selling much to the consumer market? Or they really think their products are that much better than other products? Which from the sounds of it may be true from your comment about the Enerwave outlets?

I discussed some of these items with Jasco at a trade show this past week. They are going to ramp up and produce a lot more Zigbee devices now that 3.0 is standardized. They had Zigbee outlets, switches, and scene controllers on display.


Is there something wrong with using zigbee in a physical outlet box? There are plenty of the plugin modules and of course switches... Just think its strange...

No, though I suppose a zigbee outlet in a metal box would have have higher signal loss than a zwave device...

Other than price, is there anything wrong with the Smartenit?


I'm content with the somewhat standard single switched outlet, and don't need USB, the power monitoring is a nice to have, but not critical. Repeating is the key requirement.


Most of my boxes are plastic...but that's a good point. I wonder...I'm not sure if it would really make much difference in the end though. The metal box is going to cause multipathing no matter what...


That's good news! Thanks.


Thanks everyone for the input... :slight_smile:

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