Zigbee group messaging not working with hue

I'm trying to use the new groups app to control several hue bulbs directly connected to hubitat (no hue hub involved). The driver for the bulbs is set to generic zigbee rgbw.

If the zigbee group messaging button is turned on, then the group device does not work to turn on/off or adjust the lights.

If the zigbee group messaging is off, then it will control the lights.

I don't see any errors in my log files... rather nothing is reported at all. When I turn the group on and off the logs shows the group being changed, but there is no change or attempted change to the bulb devices.

It would appear that some, but probably not all hue bulbs do not support the zigbee group commands that this application requires.
As it stands at the moment I don't have an easy way to make that determination, but I shall look into it.

I have 3 groups - two of them consist only of the newest brightest hue bulbs (1 group is A19 and the other is candelabra CT only). I then have another group of 4 that has two new bulbs and two bulbs I bought several years ago that are 650lm output.

The groups app won’t control any of them, but this is only the case when zigbee messaging is turned on.

I just tested this in the lab again, I have a Zigbee group with 8 different Zigbee bulbs in it.
Two of these are Hue, one is the Candelabra Ambiance, the other a strip.
With Zigbee messaging enabled all of them are turning on and off, removed them from the group and added them several times, all good.

I wonder if you have one or more Zigbee routers in place that aren't passing the group broadcast messages?
What other Zigbee devices and routers do you have?

I have several GE (jasco) zigbee light switches. I think those are the only other zigbee devices I have on the mains.

Is the preferred implementation for hue to use the hue hub? I was hoping to reduce the number of hubs b/c I don’t use the hue app at all. But if needed I can always hook it back up and then connect to hubitat that way.

It depends, some folks have zigbee routing issues with zigbee bulbs...
I don't have an explanation as to why the group commands arent working for your lights.
Of you create a zigbee group for the jasco switches, does that work correctly?

I created a test group with a couple of my zigbee wall switches and turned on the zigbee messaging and it seemed to work fine.