Zigbee group messaging for scenes

Any chance Hubitat could add the option to use Zigbee group messaging for scenes? I have a scene where several zigbee bulbs are all set to the same dimmer level and they come on one at a time. It would be great if the scene app could detect that they're all being set to the same level and use a group message to eliminate the popcorn effect.

You would have to create a group of the dimmers and then control the group within the scene. Scene implies that different lights are at different levels.


Ok, except I don't always want that group at the same level. Seems like a bit of a sloppy solution since the group will then be subscribed to ALL member bulb events.

In the instances where my scenes have multiple bulbs at the same level, I'd like the app to use zigbee group messaging.

Nothing is saying that you can't control the members of a group individually as well. But you only get group messaging from a group. And that is intentional. If you tried to do it for a scene, you would first have to determine if all the levels you were setting were the same and that would make the scene overly complicated. You can have a group who's only job is setting the level for this scene and nothing else.

A scene is static. This only needs to be computed once when a scene is edited. Doesn't seem complicated to me.

Okay....but it doesn't. The solution I proposed works. If you don't want to do it that way, then you can wait to see if Hubitat decides to do it this way and then decides when to actually do it.

Yes, I was making a feature request, not asking for a workaround.

Then you should have designated it as such by the category you chose. That said, you can fix the problem by doing what I said. If you don't want to do that, that's up to you. Best of luck!

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