Zigbee Firmware Updates for offline Hub?

My hub normally lives on my IoT VLAN along with other IoT devices for which I do not want to access the internet. I only switch the VLAN for the hub, when I need to make manual OS upgrades.

What is currently the best way to do Zigbee Firmware updates in bulk without leaving the hub on an internet accessible VLAN. Is there a way to cache ALL the firmware updates in bulk when doing a manual OS update and then allow the zigbee firmware updates to happen when the hub is switched back to the IoT VLAN?

If not, it would be really nice if that capability was added.

@alex1 You have to manually update the device and that's only if the ota update is available on Hubitat's servers to begin with. They will never do automatic updates for the hub or devices. Why? What would the reaction be if they provides an automatic update for lets say the Hue outdoor sensor and somehow during the process it got bricked? Or the hub? Yeah they don't want that responsibility. They want that strictly in the hands of the end user so if something happens, you made the decision, not them.

@rlithgow1 thanks for the response. However, I didn't ask about automatic updates.

update: Looks like what I asked for is already implemented. I took my hub online to access the hubitat cloud, then updated a Third Reality gen 1 120v outlet plug. Then rebooted the hub and went back offline into my IoT VLAN. When I was offline again, I asked for Zigbee firmware update on a different plug of the same kind, and it began updating that one without have internet access. Exactly what I was wanting... it cached the firmware into my hub's flash someplace. Kudo's to the Hubitat crew for getting the design right.


You're right lol, not enough coffee this morning...

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Keep in mind that not all available zigbee firmware updates are cached, only files that have been previously requested.

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