ZigBee fans UK

Does anyone know of any ZigBee fans in the UK? There seems to be loads of options for the USA but as usual we don't get anything over here.

There's really only one in the US. Have you looked at the Sonoff fan device? I know it's wifi but it's super cheap and I believe it would work with UK voltages better than in the US. To use it in the US requires a mod to it.

When I read your post I truly immediately thought fans was referring to people who were fans of ZigBee devices. I couldn't imagine that there weren't loads of ZigBee devices globally and that there weren't lots of people who really liked them. Was the UK really lacking in ZigBee devices and fans thereof????
Thanks to Ryan for helping to clarify the post. It made me smile.


I have seen some wifi ones but wanted something to directly work with Hubitat and zigbee ideally. Don't want another app.

Just because it's wifi doesn't mean you have to use an app. Like I said, there is only one zigbee fan device that I am aware of in the US, the Hampton Bay, which is only qualified up to 120v, so it wouldn't do you much good in the UK.