Zigbee energy monitoring?

Are there any "not huge" 120vac plugs that support energy monitoring? The GE/Jasco unit blocks both outlets. The Aqara/Xiaomi is less-so, in that when used in the top socket the bottom remains accessible.

My application is for use with some eBike and scooter chargers. Basically, looking to monitor how they're pulling current to avoid them running all the time. This to avoid cooking the batteries, as well as getting a picture as to how long they typically take to charge the devices. But mainly for avoiding unattending charging issues.

Thus far this is the only one I've found that's readily available:

Anyone have others they like for zigbee for 120vac US sockets, ones specifically with power consumption monitoring?

These are the only two UL certified options I could find:

Sinopé Smart Plug
Samsung SmartThings Outlet (discontinued) which I love

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Does it need to be zigbee only? You have more options with zwave (e.g fibaro, neo, aeotec...) and wifi (e.g. shelly and many others). Same result can be achieved.

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I've had less trouble overall with zigbee vs z-wave. Granted, z-wave has improved in recent years but it's still not my first choice.

I have exact oposite. Many years without problems with zwave, then tested zigbee with some issues and now Im testing wifi with excelent results. At the end its mix of all of them :slight_smile:
Once you build your HA properly, it shouldnt matter which standard do you choose.

I use the iris 3210-l's. They are huge, but if you use it in the bottom outlet the top one is still available. You can still find them on ebay and amazon sometimes.

Plus they double as z wave repeaters.

Yes, I have two of the 3210-L and the z-wave repeater aspect is handy. I have them strategically placed for repeater duty, but alas those locations aren't where I need power monitoring. Getting them into both pairing mode(s) is a hassle, but they seem stable once set up.

I have ten of them around the house, I use the power reporting on 5 of them and they have always been reliable. One other one that I use is this It's not Zigbee but it works well, it's small, and it's affordable.
I have an iris 3210-L connected to the washer, and the neo connected to the gas dryer in our laundry room. Both plugged into the same duplex outlet.

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