Zigbee dry contact input / digital input module

I’m currently using quite a few Arduino and ESP boards for digital inputs from smoke alarms, contact sensors, motion sensors etc and they work well. However, I would like to find out if there are any Zigbee devices out there which would support digital inputs (anything from 2 to 20 inputs) and work more or less natively with HE. Does anyone on this forum use any device of this kind already and has some insight to offer?

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There are possibly others, but Andy Haas' MonaLisa Board matches your needs and works with Hubitat.

Available on eBay;


There's also this one from Tindie.

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Thanks @aaiyar. I've had a look at the MonaLisa before and while it looks like a neat Zigbee solution, I'm trying to get away from Arduino (I believe it is a Zigbee shield for an Arduino board, please correct me if I'm wrong). The one from Tindie looks interesting, but I wonder about driver availability with HE. The relays should work fine using one of the generic Zigbee switch drivers, but I wonder if any existing driver would pick up the inputs (disregarding the relays at this stage).

Edit: Just saw that the MonaLisa can be operated independently with 2 digital inputs available in that config, so it would indeed fit my criteria.

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The reason I'm asking for a Zigbee module is that I'd like to stay away from ZWave and WiFi and that (in my mind at least) a Zigbee module would have a higher chance of having a driver for HE than a wired Ethernet one would. Having said that, Konnected would fit the bill as well with being hardwired and HE compatible.

I'm trying to find a product that would look at least semi-professional to be able to offer clients.

Has anyone gotten the ALAB (Tindie) board to work with HE? Specifically the inputs? I have been working with Aleksey the developer of the board and have tried multiple firmware updates but I cannot seem to get the inputs to work as just contact closures using the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint switch driver. Oddly, I don't need the relays, just the inputs. Thanks.

Please post the device manufacturer and model values, as shown on the HE device web page 'Data' section.

Are there existing drivers for this device for Home Assistant or SmartThings?

This is the device, and I got it to work finally with a firmware update from the developer. We tried about 7 versions but finally settled on one that fits my needs. Using the Generic Zigbee multi-Switch driver and seems to be doing the job.


That’s awesome! Do you get both the 4 inputs and the 4 outputs with the same driver?

Watching this thread. I'm using some Zen16/17 devices that i would prefer to switch to zigbee if the hardware is available.

Same here. It's curious that no Zen17 ZigBee equivalent seems to exist

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