Zigbee door and window sensor

Next stage in my project is looking for door and windows sensors. I am thinking of going zigbee on those instead of zwave plus unless zwave plus is cheaper to go with.

I am hoping to find something like a pack of 10 at a discount etc.

What brand does HE natively supports if any?

Here ya go. Supported by hubitat, zigbee ,work great, and provide temp readings as well.

10 for less than 50.00 wont beat it anywhere. you may need to get some magnets and batteries though. (all mine came with both, but its luck of the draw if yours will)

Many of us have literally bought over 100 of the iris devices from this guy.


I saw that deal but like you said no battery or magnet. It seems if I do purchase battery and magnet for it then it will just bring the price close to the cost of a new one .

I am looking at this one https://www.gearbest.com/access-control/pp_626703.html?wid=1349303

All of mine came with both new batteries and magnet strips, i honestly think the not included part of the listing came from a prior batch of these he had... but if they don't you can easily get 10 of the batteries for em for like 5.00, and 10 rare earth magnets for like 5.00.

Xiaomi devices can be tricky to get to work properly though many have no issues. Def something to look into/read up on before deciding to use them.

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I just ordered one and a motion sensor to check out. The motion sensor looks tiny, and just does motion which is exactly what I need. If they're good... great. if not... not too expensive. Ships from Netherlands and cheap to ship although bit of a wait. Maybe longer in these crazy times.

Mine all came with batteries and the plastic tab, no magnets. I bought a 10 pack of cheap stand alone door sensors/magnet combos just for the magnet part for maybe $12 on ebay. Even so, these are fantastic, 10 flawless zigbee open/close sensors for $62.
I've bought from this guy six times. Water sensors, motion sensor, open close, and the dual zigbee/z-wave plug in modules. Where did he get all of these? He's sold thousands of Iris devices. Glad he's there, but his supply is drying up.

The motion sensors are great!

A nice side project is you can hack them to run on usb power which is cool for not having to swap out batteries (I'm really lazy).


Oh, hello! That's useful...

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These sensors just got a driver in the latest release. Might be a little more economical than having to buy batteries and magnets for the iris. $11.50 per sensor.



I originally had a lot of Xiaomi Aqara sensors when other sensors were 4-5 times the price and you can get them working if you set up your mesh correctly but if you have other incompatible devices they may knock your Xiaomi Aqara sensors offline.
Now that you can get other brand sensors like iris for the same price or even SmartThings for about 2X the price it's really not worth it the extra hassle of going with Xiaomi Aqara sensors.


At the auction by the pallet where they sold off all the returned and refurbed units. He still has a pallet of cams, but everything else is get it before its gone