ZigBee doesn't stay online

Hi, I am new to HE (C7) and wanted to pair my first zigbee device (E11-G13 bulb), but I have soon found out that my zigbee network consistently goes offline/has never been on. For example, after a reboot, I can see the zigbee status

But if I immediately try to pair, it fails and I get a notification saying "Zigbee network is offline"

No matter what I do, disabling, re-enabling, the radio does not come back on.

Also, I've tried turning off zigbee, powering down and waiting a bit before powering back on. When I re-enable, it seems to work, but then ~10 seconds later, it turns off.

The only things i have connected are Abode alarm and ecobee theromstat

@bobbyD one for you to look at?


@koldbond I'm assuming these are community apps? Have you looked into the logs page? ZigBee was normally the first thing to go if you're hub was getting bogged down. But as you say you only have 2 things connected that seems strange so may be a issue with these devices.


Hi there, could you please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address along with your hub's purchase order details? I'd like to make sure that you are not dealing with a hardware malfunction.


I was actually getting hub load warnings, but I've removed both my integrations now and issue still persists.