ZigBee dimmer module for toilet light

Hi was wondering is it ok to put ZigBee dimmer module on a toilet light switch (has neutral etc). The issue is the extractor fan is power by the light also. I tried doing this but light started flickering, perhaps better to put a ZigBee switch rather than a dimmer? I'm based in the UK if that makes any difference. I wanted a module in my switch as wanted to put a wireless pir sensor in the future thanks for any help

Probably not a good idea because of the initial draw. Also a dimmer is not meant to be used with a fan. GE makes a combo switch but I believe you need to be able to separate in the box.

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Hey thanks what do you think about installing a ZigBee switch module connected to a normal light switch?

A fan connected to a Zigbee switch should be okay, just not on a dimmer.

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